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Peru faces seventh cold wave of the year: In desperate need of "Global Warming"!

• Isabel Guerra
Peru's Meteorologic Service, Senamhi, warns that the seventh cold wave of this year will hit the country starting today, and is expected to last for about a week.

A cold front from Chile has hit southern Peru and is moving north, and might bring gales of up to 50 km per hour to many places in the country, said Raquel Loayza, an expert from the Senamhi.

This new cold spell will is expected to be moderate in the jungle regions, but may cause an increase in respiratory diseases to residents, while the central and southern Andean regions will have rain and hail.

Peruvians are cureently undergoing the coldest winter in five decades, with the temperatures in large parts of the country dropping to record lows; temperatures in Lima have dipped to less than 8°C.

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Yeah, I thought the same when I saw the headline: that the global warming denier trolls will be screaming about this and claiming it proves their point.  Why does no one understand that global warming creates weather extremes?  It doesn't mean that everything warms up at the same time.  But facts are pesky things.

Comment by G Cone
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I pity the poor idiots that send spam emails out crying "it was really cold somewhere, so global warming is a joke!".  A cold spell or warm spell somewhere on earth is not evidence for or against any global warming or cooling trend, or evidence for or against human activity being responsible for any trend.  Give me a break!

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