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Obama Ends Iraq War . . . maybe

• Reuters
President Barack Obama vowed on Monday to make good on his promise to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq by the end of August, despite a dangerous political deadlock in Baghdad and a recent surge in militant violence.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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It was a giant mistake to invade Iraq in the first place, a second giant mistake to execute Saddam Hussein, and athird giant mistake to leave, but it's also a giant mistake to stay, in other words, our original sin must be paid for and we can't win only lose. But each day we stay we run up our tab, whereas if we pull out the tab becomes due, with Iran starting its push to absorb Iraq and take over all the infrastructure we built, after which they can go for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel with their giant combo army, aided by their nukes, which can be delivered on missiles or handed to Hezbollah for suicide missions with deniability. If we had just left Saddam in place, his regime was stable and his sons would have continued it for decades, keeping Iran fenced-in where it was all bark and no bite. Indeed, we would have saved all our strength to invade them instead of Iraq when they got close to getting nukes, and could have relied on Saddam to help us. But dumb history ignoramus Bush blew it, and Obama shouldn't be blamed since he was one of the few against invading Iraq way back in 2003. No president now has good options, the best one being to invade Iran before it takes Iraq and stay until both countries are safe, but we're so weakened now maybe as president Obama's generals told him we can't pull it off, who knows. At least pulling out will let us recoup some of our strength while Iran makes its power grab and we supply its enemies, but face it, we will have to come back in greater strength than ever, probably with a military draft. But Iran's nukes would give them the winner's edge, and we can't tolerate a nuclear Iran, so maybe Israel might end up saving the U.S. for once, go Jews! 

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Comment by Richard Baehr
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 Again Obama is walking on thin ice and not thinking throught the situtation. Without a stable government in Baghdad, conditions will become real dangerous as proof of the recent militant surges and violance. Obama continues to display his lack of inteligence to access these serious situtations. He also hasn't got a lick of common sense. 

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