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The Sunset of the State

• Stephan Molyneux / Think Twice News

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This sounds "beautiful" to the ears. The Sun, not the Earth, should be moved to the Center of the Universe to restore "order", and avoid chaos. Right now, "Aggression" or "Violence" is the Center of our Life on this planet... the fault of our current System we were lied to since birth. "Non-Aggression" should be moved to the Center of all our Moral Values. To do this, the collapse of the Center by force or through violence is the only change possible. SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG HERE ... SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY AMISS ... SOMETHING WENT OFF BEAM IN THIS THOUGHT PROCESS!!!

Get rid of Taxation because it is a form of violent robbery. And yet we want to drive our cars on paved roads, build schools, construct dams and bridges, create cities, fly rockets to the Moon, explore the outer space, etc.  No IRS, Fed, state, and no government ... no United States of America as it is now -- only us in the Center of our individual universe [in a Society of Anarchists?] 

Is this, to ask the least, a possible thinking of a mind in order ... of one disconnected from reality? Is this not by itself an intellectual chaos, a form of emotional disorder?  It doesn't even sound like a virtual, much more virtuous reality, to think and waste our time with. Such an incoherent waste of mental energy and a futile intellectual exercise of brain power seem to be moving towards the Center of the Universe to replace the Sun [replace our sanity?].

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