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U.S. Presidents and the Royal Bloodline

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King John’s reign has traditionally been characterised as one of the most disastrous in English history, earning him the nickname “Bad King John”: it began with military defeats – he lost Normandy to Philip Augustus of France in his first five years on the throne – and ended with England torn by civil war and himself on the verge of being forced out of power. In 1213, he made England a papal fief to resolve a conflict with the Catholic Church, and his rebellious barons forced him to seal Magna Carta in 1215, the act for which he is best remembered. This is the distant ancestor of all except for one of the U.S. Presidents, including Obama. 

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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real funny my family th jennings are the main blood line of these excrement bastards so sorry but they are so delusional saying this and that as for obama he is from the branch called kenites or the monkey branch that just fell and broke  it brain open 

im not racist since i am out of the house of david lion judah

lol sol

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