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The Psychology of Conspiracy Denial

• Paul Joseph Watson via Prison Planet.comcc
Wired Magazine writer Jonah Lehrer attempts to offset the overwhelmingly critical response to his attack on Alex Jones by characterizing skepticism of authority in the context of vaccines and mass medication as a psychological dysfunction, despite the fact that the history of government-funded medical research in the United States is replete with examples of scientific abuse against unwitting victims.

Lehrer fires another salvo in the controversy surrounding brain-altering vaccines that eliminate stress and induce artificial states of “focused calm” by portraying those who are concerned about the potential abuse of such treatments as paranoid cult members who believe in space aliens coming to rescue them from an imminent apocalypse.

Unable to properly address Alex Jones’ video journal about the dangers of mind-altering vaccines point by point, Lehrer resorts instead to retelling a completely unrelated story from the 1950’s about a woman in Minneapolis who thought a giant spaceship would rescue her from the end of the world.

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According to Lehrer, people who are concerned about fluoridated drinking water and the New World Order, in other words, anyone who expresses consternation about what they are putting in their own body or what powerful people are planning to do with the planet, are mentally disturbed cult members who are victims of cognitive dissonance.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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this is the third comment  i  have left on his webblog at wired and infowars and now here

this guy is a massamurdering scum sucker who is nothing but a drone or is it a casterated eunich who is retarded like a dumb terminal

he is sick and needs to have a frontal labotomy turn him into a real droid with no emotions for anything

alex jones was right on with the truth about this guy and  his phony bs


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