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The CLEAR ACT: They are stealing it all - Land, water, minerals and the air we breathe

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The Clear Act claims control of the oceans, Great Lakes and by extension many other waterways and freshwater resources, mineral mining, solar, geo-thermal, and gas and oil conducted on land or in the oceans, in, on or near the continental United States. This bill passed the House on August 4, 2010. All of this as a result of the BP Oil gusher; like we didn’t already have thousands of unused laws on the books to deal with this.  

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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The possibilities for government corruption, those officials operating under The Clear Act to be bribed, extort money from corporations to give breaks to allow companies to function are endless, much like the Mafia. Once the Clear Act is put into effect corporations will be held hostage to ever increasing rates that government will use to support bigger and bigger bureaucracies. This has to be the greatest scam in history,