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Iran sponsors website with cartoons denying Holocaust

• The Associated Press
The site features caricatures including a Jew with a hook nose and a black hat emblazoned with a Star of David tracing fake bodies on the ground at a concentration camp using Nazi imagery, with the icon for flipping pages marked with a swastika.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Whoa Whoa. Name calling, baiting, accusation postings are,... non-educational.

Comment by Lola Flores
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Considering the source, Mike Renzulli, known Zionist shill, I call this by what it is BULLSHIT.  More Zionist propaganda.  More Zionist lies.  More Zionist paranoia.  And only the Zionists are eating their own shit and believing their own lies cause nobody else is.

 Again, Mike Renzulli, the Pope must be creaming in his summer dress right now over an Italian boy such as yourself forming an allegiance with the jews for the sake of $150.  That is what the government of Israel pays you to shill on this site, is it not? 

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Ah yes, Phil. Let everyone beat their swords into plowshares, hold hands and sing kumbayah. The reality is that states who support terrorism (like Iran) are driven by the hatre-filled doctrines of their fundamentalist brand of Islam.

Until you and other FPers and anti-war libertarians take off your rose-covered blinders to the reality that jihadists like Ahmedinajad and Osama bin-Laden want nothing more to destroy the U.S., Israel and every western country which includes killing those who do not submit to Islam then you will continuously delve hopelessly in your fog cloud of denial of the reality that the U.S. and its allies are at war.

Our enemy has no regard for human life including yours and the lives of their own.

Comment by Phil Williamson
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Good for Iran and free speech. The supposed holocaust is a lie, this does not make the Nazi good it's just the truth. Any one who thinks Iran is evil is right, Iran is a State all States are evil. But none so evil as the United States and Israel. Wipe them all of the map, its just a piece of paper. Truth and Love bring real freedom. The freedom from blind hateful dogma such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all false images of designed control.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Killing innocent people that haven't hurt anyone is very wrong.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I already have advocated for war with Iran by posting a letter I wrote to BHO on this site as an op-ed. In terms of the title, you cite the Fox News title (which I originally used) but changed the news source to The Associated Press. This was mainly due to the AP article being much more informative than the one posted by Fox.

Despite my choice of wording on the title, it does not detract from the overall story and reinforces Ahmedinajad's wanting to to kill the Jews and "wipe Israel off the map", despite what Iran apologists might tell you.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Original Title on Fox News is...

"New Iranian website with cartoons denying Holocaust angers Israel" Renzulli's title "Iran Sponsors Website with Cartoons Denying Holocaust"



If you want to advocate a war against Islam/Iran then write opinion pieces with your name on it and come out of the closet (not that you're making an attempt to be clandestine). But one of the fastest ways to keep your "news Links" off the site is to change the headline. You get a graphic to provide your 'editorial' comment. You can write an original piece or even add comments to your own submission. But changing the title of a News Link is sooooo not allowed here (Unless I Allow it for Some Subjective Reason of My Own On My Site).