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Cerberus Group - largest gun manufacturing conglomerate in U.S. - buying mercenary company

• Business Week
For those who haven't been reading every issue of Soldier Of Fortune since the 70's,...while Blackwater (now known as Xe) is the largest and best known private military company, DynCorp is the 2nd largest.
This has the potential to take the Military/Industrial Complex to a whole new level. Imagine the marketing opportunities: in exchange for the U.S. military granting manufacturing contracts for rifles to Freedom Group, Cerberus, through DynCorp, offers discounts on their special Plausible Deniabilty Covert Operations Package.
It's a brave new world, folks.
And if you are of a conspiratorial mindset, this

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Blackwater/Xe, same shit different name.  As for being the biggest, yes, they are but the best?  Well, not so much.  Of course, unless, you consider ruthless whores, for hire killers without any gusts and even less balls or morals as a good thing.

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