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Obama’s Grand Strategy: Bankrupt America video

JBS CEO Art Thompson offers an analysis of the week’s news, discussing how Hillary Clinton’s announcement of the U.S. sending $7.5 billion foreign aid to Pakistan is part of the Insiders’ plan to drain the American people and bankrupt the economy. He also discusses how Mexico supports the Federal Government’s Supreme Court lawsuit against the state of Arizona for defending its borders from the influx of illegal immigrants.

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Comment by Ronald Brewer
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What is wrong with the people of this country!!!!!!!!! I can't belive that people are sitting around allowing the democraps to totally ruin America, it's obviouse that obama is a muslim and his goal is to destroy this country so that he and his muslim buddies can take control, there out there spending money like a drunken sailor, there shoving bill after bill down our throats and the only action being taken is that we complain on line, we have to take action, and do it now! Just like this trip that his wife michael obama (I'm finally proud to be and American) took to Spain how many billions of dollars did this cost us? I'm a disabled Vietnam Vet and we aren't going to have a cost of living raise for two years, but these idiots in Washington can go vacations that cost more than most Americans well ever earn in a life time!! The time to act is now.

Comment by Aaron Stichter
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Thanks for the post.  I now have my definitive reason why I do not support the John Birch Society.  I find it absurd that the President and the Congress would intentionally bankrupt the country.  That theory is so over the top on the conspiratorial ladder that I find it laughable and indefensible.

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