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Ahmadinejad doubts Sept 11 attack toll

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Olde Reb you need to check your facts. The U.S.S. Liberty incident took place during the Six Day War when Israel forces were engaged in combat with two Arab countries and prepared to attack a third, creating an environment where mistakes and confusion were prevalent. A few hours before the attack, there was a large explosion on the shores of El-Arish followed by black smoke, probably caused by the destruction of an ammunition dump by retreating Egyptian forces. The Israeli army thought the area was being bombarded, and that an unidentified ship offshore was transmitting communications that could be intercepted by the Soviets who were Egypt's allies at the time and aiding the Egyptians in their efforts was/were responsible. The ship identified by Israeli pilots at the time was the U.S.S. Liberty. The pilots were obviously wrong but it was an honest mistake and not done facetiously. After the incident the Israeli government immediately apologized for the attack and later paid compensation to the ship crew member's families. The case of mistaken identity was the conclusion of 5 independent reviews of the incident conducted by Congressional and federal agency committees.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 It was not Iran that attacked the USS Liberty on the high sea, killed U.S. sailors, and tried to sink the ship by torpedos and bombs, and was able to have airborne U.S. naval aircraft ORDERED to return to their carriers and ignore their fellow countrymen under sustained attack by Isreal.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Iran President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map and threatened to harm the United States. 

Despite Ahmadinejad’s threats as Iran nears nuclear weapon capability, Obama appears complacent, treating Iran’s real nuclear threat to America—as if it was a matter for academic discussion. U.S. Citizens are increasingly frightened when faced with the realization this U.S. President may do absolutely nothing (militarily) to protect their nation from Iran’s nuclear weapons—before it is too late. Once Iran has nuclear weapons, Iran will be in a position to subordinate America, subordinate our lives, forcing Americans to accept the fact Iran President Ahmadinejad could any day, arm terrorists anywhere with small nukes (dirty bombs) to threaten, blackmail or attack U.S Cities; launch from any ship a nuclear warhead to target a major U.S. City. Is there one reason to believe Iran won’t do that? Should Iran be permitted to develop nuclear weapons, Americans will forever remember that this President (Obama) did nothing to stop it, did nothing to protect our nation; did nothing to protect our loved ones.