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In an Astronomical First, Scientists Capture 3-D View of Exploding Star

• Rebecca Boyle via PopSci
Those of you who thought 3-D had jumped the shark, check this out. Using a new instrument at the Very Large Telescope, astronomers have been able to capture a three-dimensional view of the distribution of the innermost material expelled by a supernova, the European Southern Observatory said today.

Astronomers learned the original fireworks were concentrated in one direction, which indicates the supernova was very turbulent and not symmetrical, a finding that supports the latest star-death models.

Stellar scientists were able to measure the trajectory of Supernova 1987a’s ejecta, and found it spewed from the star at 62 million miles an hour. The explosion was stronger and faster in some directions than others, which scientists had already predicted. The data represents the first direct confirmation of supernova asymmetry.

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