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US Navy stunned: Deadly new Chinese missile can sink every US supercarrier

• Terrence Aym
A new 'smart missile' threatens to tip the balance of power towards China, US military analysts say. The latest generation of the Dong Feng 21D (DF-21D) is a supercarrier killer according to experts on China's armaments. The missile can be launched from land and strike an aircraft carrier 900 miles away. For more than a decade Pentagon strategists, analysts and war-gamers have worried about a new super missile that could pierce America's invincible carrier fleet. The carriers maintain the dominant American influence in the East Asian waters and counterbalance the threat of the globally emerging China. With the potential loss of carrier superiority, the US faces the prospect of a very real Chinese move on Taiwan. It also could potentially greatly weaken the US leverage on North Korea and expose South Korea to greater military risk.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Do you honestly think that we don't have a counter for this?

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Thank Bill Clinton, from Article: "The Chinese were floundering in attempts to build effective missiles until the Clinton administration agreed to sell China three Cray supercomputers as part of a trade deal. Intelligence analysts agree that China immediately put the superior computing power to work for their military, especially nuclear and missile development."

Comment by Lola Flores
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I think the balance of power was tipped towards China the day the US started using them as their banker.  

Comment by Ed Price
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The point is that the one thing that we cannot deal with is fear. So, let's shake in our boots.

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