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JetBlue’s ‘freakin’ flier’ becomes overnight ‘folk hero’

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A flight attendant furious with passengers who refused to follow his instructions told them off over the loudspeaker before pulling the chute to make his own dramatic personal emergency exit, police said.

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Comment by Alan Neuman
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OK, this guy has got to be a flaming homo. A male flight attendant is a dead giveaway. Secondly, for him to go off on such a triviality indicates severe mental retardation. This was a freak waiting for his time. He is no hero. He is an atypical control freak that the airline industry hires and promotes continuously. I await the day I ride a bus and have a bus driver make me step through a backscatter machine just to go across town. We live in a world of pussies....

Comment by Powell Gammill
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