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 RALLY AT THE BORDER: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Dever, Pearce & More (Sun. 08/15 0900-1430 Cochise Co. AZ)
Stand With Arizona Via Facebook (login may be required) ^ | 2010-08-10

Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:27:05 PM by rabscuttle385

Time: August 15 · 9:00am - 2:30pm

Location: Cochise County, AZ Ranch, 1720 S Border Monument Rd., Hereford, AZ

Sponsor: Stand With Arizona (and Against Illegal Immigration)

United We Stand For Americans, The Patriot Caucus, and the American Border Patrol will be hosting the first Arizona Border Tea Party Rally known as the “United Border Coalition."

The Rally’s purpose is to show support for Arizona and its rights to enforce the ‘Immigration Laws’ that the Federal Government won’t. SB1070 is a common sense law that enables Arizona to enforce federal law on illegal immigration.

The United Border Coalition Tea Party will be held on August 15th, 2010 (9:00 AM-2:30 PM PST). The rally location is in Cochise County.

Speakers will include:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Larry Dever

Senator Russell Pearce

Sue Krentz

J.D. Hayworth

AZ Rep. Carl E. Seel

Sharron Angle

Pamela Gorman

David Schweikert

Nancy Huzar

Ruth McClung

Charles Black

Robert Wilson

Bill Montgomery

Keith Sipmann

Marcus Kelly

Andrew Thomas

Judson Phillips

Janet Contreras

Tony Venuti

For full directions from the Phoenix and Tucson airports, as well as all other routes; rally schedule and full info:


Carpools are available.

Local AZ Carpooling Coordinators:
Phoenix: Chris Flowers - cflow21 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Tuscon: Tony Venuti - tony (AT) aztourist (DOT) com

5 Comments in Response to

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 " show up and let them know The government is the criminal organization causing the problems in society."

EXACTLY!  You prove my point for me.

If you watched the 'news' from last night, FOX showed some of the footage from the event, THEN had a clip of a 'differing opinion' FROM SOMEONE THAT WASN'T EVEN THERE!  It was a stock clip taken inside in a room somewhere.  I bet had one of US been there with a "NO NATIONAL DATABASE" sign, THAT person would have been the differing opinion on camera!  Nes pa?

My suggestion for attending wasn't 'to listen to the blowhards'...

Comment by Morpheus Titania
Entered on:

Could be the reason no one wants to go this is just theory mind you, this would be a monumental waste of time to listen to these blowhards except to show up and let them know The government is the criminal organization causing the problems in society.  This legislation is a waste of time because after the economy implodes all the "illegals" will be going home anyway.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Looks like it's either too far, people are busy, can't afford gas, or they didn't understand the idea behind going...

No yes RSVP's and no comments.

I would like to have gone with someone; since my family only has one working car and my Wife goes to work at 5 am and gets off at 1:30 pm and my Daughter goes in at 7:30 am and gets off at 11:30 am, there's no way I can drive to Tucson for a 9:00 am Rally and get back in time to shuttle people.

It isn't the first opportunity gone by unattended. But then again I think the location of the rally was intended for just this purpose! THEY DIDN'T WANT YOU THERE. You're going to see this cheer-fest on TV and there won't be a you in the background holding up a "NO NATIONAL DATABASE!" sign to bust their chops - all because it was too far, or you were too busy, or you were taxed out of your gas money.


When those 'representatives of The People' do things they shouldn't, and 'the represented' do not participate in the 'self-governing' process by holding them accountable, THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. Of course, when they get away with that, they get bolder, and do worse things they shouldn't, AND THEY GET AWAY WITH THAT TOO. Now it takes the 'average wage slave' working UNTIL AUGUST SIXTH to pay his 'taxes' before he makes a dime for himself and his family!

What is it going to take? - because THEY'RE TAKING IT ALL! 

Comment by Gene Kernan
Entered on:

Joe Arpaio; Russell Pearce; J.D. Hayworth.

Just 3 of the many reasons I wouldn't go to this even if I were in Arizona.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:


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