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Obama signs $600 million border security bill

• Reuters
President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law a $600 million bill to beef up security on the U.S. border with Mexico, and his aides pressed lawmakers to set aside election-year politics and work toward broader immigration reform.

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Comment by Dennis Andersen
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 Another Dog and Pony show I'm sure! How much will actually go towards what they tout to be "Border Security"? Most of it is probably going to himself and his comrade (the president of Mexico) while about $1,000 towards a two foot tall wooden picket fence! Another "Stimulus" boosting his personal wealth!

Comment by Norman Dong
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Do not be fooled or misled into thinking that Obama has changed his position on the illegal alien issue and securing the southern borders.

If the means justify the ends of passing a comprehensive immigration plan (amnesty) the 600 million dollars is a small price to pay to obtain what he desires and gain the necessary votes for passage and dupe the people again as with the Healthcare package that the majority of Americans are dead set against. Total deceite is the key operative word of this signing.......