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Calling ObamaCare's Bluff (video)

• John Birch Society
Art Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society. He reads from a doctor's letter to the editor pointing out that he treats patients on Canada's infamous waiting lists and asks where will the Toronto patients go once Americans are placed onto waiting lists with ObamaCare. Art discusses the findings of Richard Foster, an insurance actuary for the Obama administration. Mr. Foster is calling Obama's bluff regarding ObamaCare saving money. He points out that real expenses are being disguised. Also covered is the bailout of the states, the Afghanistan government and U.S. mosques See video

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
Entered on: "America's Decline: Chapter V. The Great Deceit (excerpted) p. 306 During his years as a master salesman, Welch had made many sales to confectioners and candy-manufacturers who were Jews residing in this country, and who, he said, complained to him openly and bitterly of the arrogance and financial exactions of the Jewish organizations to which they were almost enslaved. On that basis, he was, he said, convinced that it would be possible to induce a violent schism among the Jews in this country, many of whom, as the proprietors of very profitable businesses, would not only wish to escape the oppressive taxes constantly levied upon them by the B'nai B'rith and similar organizations, but would see, even more quickly than intelligent Americans, that the "International Communist Conspiracy" was preparing, by racial association, a hazardous future for them in this country ... p. 308 The chances of inducing a schism among the Jews sufficient to impair their power over the United States seem to be minimal. If -- as seems quite improbable -- Welch ever attempted such an operation, he walked into a trap. That became apparent when there appeared a strange pamphlet that bore the title, "The Neutralizers, by Robert Welch." p. 309 .... the obvious purpose [of the pamphlet] was to suggest that adverse criticism of the Jews must be inspired by the Communists and that there must be no discrimination among races: hate the wicked Communists, but love everybody else -- a proposition that has an oddly theological ring!"

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