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New Right-Wing Meme: Education Spending = 'Money-Laundering' For Dems

• Eric Kleefeld

An amusing meme has popped up on the right, opposing the state education aid bill that passed last week: It's not just bad policy from big-spending Washington liberals -- it's a criminal enterprise!

Here's how the logic goes: President Obama and the Democrats spent a lot of money to prop up school districts in the midst of a tough economy and revenue shortfalls at the district level. Much of that money will pay teachers; some of that money will then go to union dues; in turn, the unions will spend money to campaign for Democrats. Ergo, the whole bill was an act of money laundering, to have the federal government fund Democratic campaigns.

As Greg Sargent pointed out, Rep. Michele Bachmann made the charge last week during an appearance on Fox Business Network. "Taxpayer money will essentially be laundered through the public employee unions, and spent to reelect those same Democrats this fall," Bachmann said, speaking about the $26 billion in state aid for education. "And it will be used to go after the Republicans who refused to vote for the program."


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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Perhaps the "logic" doesn't go far enough. To take it one step farther; the overwhelming majority of teachers are "liberals," and they are being subsidized as well by this bill. 

Vin Suprinowitz was right when he called the government schools "Youth Propaganda Camps."

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