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Champion teen kickboxer seeks world title (son of FreedomsPhoenix reporter)


He recovered from having to take a standing eight count in the first round of the 160-pound junior-division championship fight to win a decision over Paul Johnson in Richmond, Va.

"I did think I was in trouble," Decker said. "After that first round, I was like, man, I came all this way and I'm losing. Then everyone else started yelling at me, 'This is the final, get busy, get to work.' So I thought now it's time to take care of business."

Thiago Azeredo, who trains Decker at Sitan Gym in Chandler, said the young fighter won in spectacular fashion.

"He was the only one who fought three times that day," Azeredo said. "He got knocked down in the first round, so he really went at it hard in the third round. He put a beating on the other kid. Even with the knockdown, everybody knew Jordan was going to win the fight."

His performance at the North American championships earned Decker a spot on the U.S. team for the world championships taking place in Scotland in October.

Decker, who just started his senior year at Mesa's Dobson High School, is trying to raise $4,000 to pay for the trip to Scotland for himself and Azeredo.


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Comment by Skip Robinson
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Your body is truely a temple and at 57 I have put my temple through hell and back. I'm still in one piece, a few "minor" problems going on. I still have a great deal of golf to play and discourage fights clubs such as boxing and martial arts. At you age I rode motorcross and did quite well keeping my body in tack. It was a short career however. Probably a good thing. The problem with the marshall arts or any sport where there is head contact is that each time you take a shot to the head, even by a soccer ball, it causes a bruise to the brain. Many of the better soccer playing by the time they graduate from "highschool" already have servere brain damage. The media does not show all us "athletes", all the guys that are battered and brain damaged from the sports we play. Be careful dude and pick your sports carefully!!! There is a reason golf and tennis stars make so much money and they don't have to take shots to the head.         

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