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The misguided movement to strip birthright citizenship from the Constitution

• Damon W. Root, Reason Magazine,
On March 27, 1866, President Andrew Johnson sent a message to Congress vetoing the landmark civil rights bill it had just passed. Among the provisions “which I cannot approve,” Johnson wrote, was the first section, which stated, “All persons born in the United States, and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States.” Not only would this grant of birthright citizenship make citizens out of “the entire race designated as blacks,” Johnson complained, it would also make citizens out of “the Chinese of the Pacific States, Indians subject to taxation, [and] the people called Gipsies.” He wouldn’t sign it.

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Comment by Phil Williamson
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No I am not kidding. Countries like corporations only exist on paper they are just words sir nothing more. Your constitution is a worthless piece of paper that is covered in ink and that is all it has ever been. The fifty white wig wearing men that locked themselves in room and wrote it are dead. But they where just men putting pen to paper and did not have nor now have any authority to make rules for and over others. Take your worthless papers and shove them up your ass I have no need for useless shit. I live on a planet commonly known as earth and all people born here are born free, and equal under the eyes of the creator. 

Comment by Dallas Mills
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@ Phil... Are You Fucking Joking ??? At This Time Anyone Born Here Is A US Citizen !!! Stop Telling Everyone It's A Paper Country. It's People Like You Sir!, Who Have Twisted & Side Stepped Our Constitution And Are Destroying America !! Are You A Disinformation Agent ? Or What ???
Comment by Phil Williamson
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An individual can not be born into citizenship, nor can one be born in the United States. The United States exist on paper only and people are not born in paper. Citizenship is an association of individuals (slaves mostly) and saying someone is born into citizenship is like saying someone is born a freemason or shriner or sam's club member. Also this would violate the 13th amendment which outlaws involuntary servitude). Please learn how to read there is a reason it says "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" this is the key people if you voluntarily place yourself under the jurisdiction then you are a citizen. Happy days on the plantation slave.

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