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California to Banning Open Carry & Register All Long Guns

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In truth, the only persons impacted by this unnecessary proposed law are law abiding citizens. The problem with AB 1934 is that it does not provide a way for the average person to carry a firearm for self-protection or other legitimate purposes. The direction of this bill is contrary to common sense and the approach taken by most other states. Keep the pressure the legislature on AB 1810 and AB 1934. Both of these bills have made their way to the Senate, and the time for you to act is now!

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Comment by Ken Valentine
Entered on:

 Many people call it California, I call it Absurdistan.

Some people think of it as "The Golden State," to me, it has become a cheap plastic replica of Communist Bulgaria.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

The only ones allowed to open carry are the real criminals. The hired thugs with  guns posing as police officers. It is Twilight Zone on Steroids

Comment by Jim March
Entered on:

The weirdest thing is that the ban on open carry (of unloaded guns, loaded open carry is already banned) may actually backfire on the gun-grabbers.

See, it's now well established that we already have a right to keep and BEAR arms due to the Heller and McDonald rulings.  For a LOT more details on the real implications of McDonald, see also:

The fact that open-carry (again, unloaded only) exists is already being used by some lower courts as a "fig leaf" to say that "no, we're not totally eliminating the bearing of arms".  The instant the legislature bans open carry, they will have eliminated all forms of "bearing arms" and at least in theory, that means that at least two classes of people have a right to carry "illegally":

* California residents (citizens and legal green-card-holders) who have applied for CCW permits and been denied under the discriminatory issuance system over there.

* Residents of other states such as AZ who visit Cali - because by California law (see also Penal Code 12050) we're banned from even applying for a permit.

Again: the moment a class of people are totally banned from any form of bearing arms yet have no criminal records, the state or local laws against them bearing arms collapses.

It collapses even more catastrophically once "unloaded open carry" goes away.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Yeah, and the whole nine years I lived in SoCal I was a 'criminal' because I had my AR-15 in my possession without 'registering' it.  So what.  My family was safe even when the Rodney King riots happened (they came within TWO MILES from my house), UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS BE DAMNED!

California is the state of my birth, BUT I WILL NEVER RESIDE THERE AGAIN.  Did you know that in Cali there are no 'state taxes'?  There, you are either a CORPORATION or a FRANCHISE!  If you aren't a Corporation, you send a portion of your hourly wage to the CALIFORNIA FRANCHISE TAX BOARD.  Well, your Employer steals a portion, and sends in the Tribute, whether you like it or not.  Isn't that NICE?

In this world of "WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.",  and PATRIOT ACTS attempt to take away your 'inalienable' rights, CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC is just as ass-backwards as everything else! 


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

The traitor who proposed this treasonous action should immediately be arrested and tried for conspiracy to commit treason, but it is still business as usual. 

Don't worry folks. every thing will be ok. Just go back to shopping.

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