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Free E-Book: The Second Realm Book on Strategy

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   It is rather challenging to write a text about strategy that is both practical and refreshing. Our purpose is to inspire thought, not so much to create a final blueprint. This little book has one purpose: To prepare you for reasonable and effective actions. If you read this but do not act (no matter how much you talk and write), this book has utterly failed.

   Many technologies and methods described in this text already exist and have been tested in real life; others await implementation.

   We have been heavily inspired by structures, methods and technologies found with other groups facing the same challenges. This includes organized crime groups like the Triads, Mafia and Yakuza. Our borrowing from them should (obviously) not be understood as an endorsement.

   Also, we borrow from various ideas on freedom that came before us, most notably “Crypto-Anarchy” by T.C. May, TAZ by Hakim Bey as well as counter-economics by S.E. Konkin III.

   This   is a strategy for risk-takers, entrepreneurs and adventurers. Both the risks and the expected rewards are great.

   In plain terms: This is not for boys; it is for men. Facing reality is required. Change is created by people with courage, not by the timid who usually follow behind and clamor for credit after all the battles have been fought.

   One more thing:

   The people of courage almost always have the most fun. Enjoy!

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