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President and Congress Ignored My Family's Warnings About McChrystal

• Mary Tillman Mother of Pat Tillman
Immediately following the Oversight Committee hearing in 2007, film director Amir Bar-Lev approached my family and me about making a film on my son Pat and the circumstances surrounding his death. At the time, we were not interested, and we declined. However, as the months passed my daughter-in-law, Marie, decided that a documentary might be the only medium that could really convey to the public the extent of the deception surrounding Pat's death.
This week, Mr. Bar-Lev's film, The Tillman Story, debuts in theaters, and a paperback edition of my book, Boots On The Ground By Dusk, is being reissued by Blurb.
People have asked: "Why is Pat so special that so much attention is given to his death?" I understand that question. Thousands of soldiers and Marines have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of their families have also been given stories cloaked in lies, yet those deaths have not received the attention Pat's has. Pat is not more important or more special than any of the others who have fought in these wars, but the truth of what happened to Pat is important. The truth shines a light on corruption and incompetence, and lack of accountability in the military and government that is systemic, and affects us all.

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Combat Veterans know this. In many combat situations and battles as much as 25% of the casualties are related to friendly fire. Soldiers that fought along side those that were blown apart by our munitions have always "covered up" these incidents to spare the family of their comrades the pain of knowing the truth that someone screwed up “in the fog of war”. War Is Hell! 

These brave men felt a sense of duty to those KIA. Is it right that they lied and told the boy's mother or sweetheart that he died serving his country while fighting the enemy? I don't know, but I would say it is not criminal and in most cases honorable. Tillman was a celebrity and the cover-up went higher than just his buddies’ knowing the truth...that is all.

Would they feel better if they knew their boy stuck his head up where and when he should not have? War is hell not a football game. There are no do over’s…thank God!



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