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The Tea Party Could Bring Fascism to America

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If fascism is coming to America, it’s the Tea Party that’s bringing it. Some would have us believe that the Tea Party is anti-government. They’re just anti-this-government. Whenever the Republicans are out of power, these folks start in on a free market spiel. Government this, government that. What we see however is that, once they are in power again, the GOP grows government. See, for example, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. These hypocrites cover their big governmentism with free market talk. The Tea Party is simply a convenient marketing campaign. The Tea Party is not a libertarian movement. It co-opted a libertarian message, but in reality it is a rightist movement. It’s pro-war, intolerant, ultra-patriotic, pro-torture, into corporate apologism and ready to scapegoat paperless immigrants. As soon as the GOP recaptures the gun that is government, I expect these people will go back to sleep.

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Comment by Dennis Andersen
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 The AP communist "reporter" who wrote this is an obvious Saddam Hussein worshipper who is most likely directly or indirectly employed by George Soros media communist network propaganda machine (ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,etc.). He can be trusted as much as Saddam Hussein Nobama himself = ZERO%

Comment by Dennis Andersen
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 Let me make an educated guess. The "reporter" who wrote this is an AP propanda specialist who worships the Hussein regime, believes in the government controlling everything and everyone (except for him of course) and believes that the sky is falling (global man-made warming, not natural climate cycles that have been going on for millions of years!) and taxing even the air we exhale (carbon dioxide) as long as he makes money from it! He the Fascist, I just refer to them as Commucrats (communist democrats)

Comment by Nathan Barton
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This is garbage - we already have socialism - fascism, if you prefer - in this country, courtesy of G.W.Bush and the current First Citizen. While the tea party movement is clearly NOT libertarian, this writer obviously knows little about the people in the movement; nor does he seem to understand what the various forms of socialism (such as fascism) are. Michael Moore does a much better job of this kind of garbage.


Comment by John Morgan
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