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China has a small but growing force of mobile ICBMs capable of hitting targets in most of the United States. Under the umbrella of this deterrent force, China is deploying a large number of short and medium range missiles that could devastate its neighbors with a mix of nuclea

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Yeah kind of a drag Clinton gave them those 3 Cray supercomputers or they would have taken another 10 years to work out the guidance systems on their new missiles. But this is the first I've heard conf of ICBMs. Well that's nice to know.

Their tactical missiles sure sound impressive. Wonder how they stack up to Rusky stuff. If they work as advertised we won't be deploying carrier fleets in range or hostile land anymore. Conventionally I guess that leaves us with air superiority but the overall picture is our global power projection capability is coming apart at the seams. And the game is upped as China now stands among those who can conventionally attack us on our own soil. Wow. And there's a nice little conflict curve for China now! They can start moving us back, they can enter into conflict (likely by proxy) against our global military bases without attacking our mainland and triggering a nuclear resolution or exchanging conventional ICBMs. Assuming they have nuclear ICBM capability by now. If they don't, well, we still got that card on them. I think they have subs with nukes but nobody that knows would want to say if we can track them or not.

A big proving ground would be Iran because we hear they have some really nice new missile systems,  perhaps too many and too mobile to be neutralized by our (now classic) shock and awe thing. Blitzkrieg redux. I can't help but think the geopoliticians (Kissinger et al) are thinking of this is a way to send a clear message to China. Of course if Iran manages to sink a carrier or two and frustrate air assaults, well, the message just went down with the ship as they say.

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