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Area around Pentagon is most restricted airspace in the world

How is it possible that a non military plane could enter the restricted airspace surrounding the Pentagon and the White House, known as P-56.  P-56 has a separate radar tracking system and a separate military response system.  THere are no unknown aircraft that can penetrate this system.  It has a 50 mile radius air defense identification zone around D.C.  It has a 17 mile protected zone around the pentagon and a 3 mile inner protected zone.  That space is UNBREACHABLE.  It has to be because of the buildings there.  There are F16 and F18 jets at Andrews Air Force base 10 miles south.  There is also 113 Air National guard   Both of which can scramble jets at a moments notice for interdiction.  Neither one Responds!
The Pentagon has its own missile defense system, why did that now deploy?  This is after all the most heavily protected building on the planet.
Whatever hit the Pentagon HAD to be a military as all military planes have what is known as an IFF (Identify Friend of Foe) device on them.  Only a military craft would even be allowed to approach the protected area of P-56, because only military craft have this device on them.
Any time a plane goes off course, loses radio communication or  loses its transponder signal it is supposed to be intercepted.
On 9/11 all three of those things happened, those planes flew around for 20 minutes to and hour and a half  .
click thru to the link for 10 videos with our own Russ Whittenberg as one of the experts.

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