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How many Wisconsin DATCP goons does it take to inventory the personal food from a family’s private r

If you want a glimpse of what is ahead for you if S.510 passes, here it is. These are Wisconsin predators, employed by DATCP to act under the color of law and against the people. Earning from 65,000 thousand a year to as much as 105,000 per year, the goons in this video are set loose to harrass and terrorize selected Wisconsin dairy farmers who sell fresh raw milk. Unlawfully, and without a valid warrant, or any oaths of affirmation, private property was tresspassed, stolen, destroyed and otherwise rendered useless by the goons who make their living preying on the public while wearing a government badge and collecting a huge paycheck.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here's what Wisconsin will look like when they take away our weapons.


Two guys were driving down a country road in Wisconsin. The one guy says, "Pull over! Pull over! There's a 3-legged chicken standing by the road!"

So, they get out of the car and, sure enough, there was a 3-legged chicken on the side of the road.

"I'm gonna catch this thing and look at it up close." But the chicken outruns him.

"Bring up the car! Bring up the car!" But the chicken runs as fast as the car.

The chicken swerves onto a driveway, up over a hill. The guys follow it, up over the hill and down into a farmyard that is full of hundreds, and thousands of 3-legged chickens all over the place. The guys can't believe their eyes!

They go up to the farmhouse and knock on the door. The farmer comes to the door. "Where did you get all these 3-legged chickens?" they ask.

FARMER: "We bred them that way."

GUYS: "Why did you do that?"

FARMER: "Well, we liked drumsticks, and we thought we would get more of what we liked that way."

GUYS: "Great idea! How do they taste?'

FARMER: "Don't know. Never caught one!"


Of course, the other version is the Wisconsin driver version:

"Was that a 3-legged chicken you just ran over?"


Comment by Ed Price
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It seems that the people, and especially Government people, have forgotten that FREEDOM is the most important law. 

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