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It isn’t God who is keeping track of our sins… is a Homeland Security satellite

Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved “As it turns out, it isn’t God who is keeping a list of our sins: It’s a Homeland Security satellite logging any and all information it can find and transmitting it to HSD, NSA, FBI, CIA, and your local fusion center along with twenty other spy agencies all of whom stalk the net in order to find out who is naughty and who is nice.” ____________________ I hear it every day from nearly everyone I speak to or correspond with; the overwhelming sense that we, as a nation, are under attack. The attack is not coming from unidentifiable enemies, nor is it coming from half crazed Mid-easterner’s who “hate us for our freedoms”. The attack is coming from our own government; it is our own government who hates us not only for our freedoms, but also for our refusal to go quietly into the intended one world government where we have neither rights, nor the right to continue to exist. This did not start under the Obama Administration, a

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 I read the Bible once. Cover to cover. It didn't cure me of reading, but it sure did cure me of religion.

Comment by Ed Price
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God is keeping track of our sins for 1 reason only. So that He can forgive them.

He is God. He can't stop knowing all things. He is hoping that we will recognize this, and see that He has provided forgiveness in His Son Jesus, the Christ - the real Superman.

Also, God can't turn against Himself. All who reject Him and Jesus have rejected forgiveness. So it is we who condemn ourselves by rejecting the only way out from under the punishment to follow.

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