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Arizona Man Fights to Keep Gadsden Flag Flying Outside His Home

• Fox News
An Arizona man fighting to keep a historical American flag flying outside his home vows he will not take it down unless a judge orders him to. Andy McDonel of Leveen, Ariz., says he received a letter from his homeowner's association, Avalon Village Community Association, on Aug. 6 instructing him to "remove debris" from his suburban Phoenix home within 10 days or face a $25 fine

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Comment by Nick Barnett
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The HOA agreement says that military flags are OK. Whatever. I know for a fact that my HOA doesn't have any teeth... they can't actually do anything to me... I'd just ignore them. But, if he raises a stink, I'm sure a big slob wrapped in a flag like Pearce would be glad to pass legislation to help him.

Comment by Joe Blow
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The man signed on the dotted line agreeing to obey the HOA. And now he is complaining about them telling him what to do? That is what he signed up for. If he didn't want an HOA telling him what he can or cannot do, why the heck didn't he buy a house in a non-HOA location? Doesn't make sense to me.

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