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Ben Bernanke under pressure to prop up US economic recovery

• Katie Allen,
When Ben Bernanke addresses the annual symposium of central bankers in Jackson Hole tomorrow he does so against arguably the most challenging backdrop in his tenure as Federal Reserve chairman. At the end of a week of gloomy reports, Bernanke faces mounting expectations from markets that the Fed will step in to prop up the US's faltering economic recovery. News of stalling business activity and dismal home sales have fanned talk of a double-dip recession at a time when all the easy options have run out. At the same time, divisions appear to be emerging among his committee of policymakers.

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Comment by Anonymous ()
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       Reactions should be directed to "let’s now do something about it", whatever that is. There’s nothing really to worry about for as long as Bernanke is there doing SOMETHING about it! There is no recession …that’s just a lot of bulls! National homelessness is the same within the normal band of ups and down statistics said, and home game survey of gluttons in a TV show The Losers says weekenders still go to Australia’s bush restaurant Outback and eat their favorite "Cangaroo" steaks [C for cholesterol]!!. A friend just lost his job, and a neighbor left their mortgaged home and moved to a cheaper apartment nearby. Tim just knocked at my door to say goodbye. Congress is still talking the talk, and politicians running it had increased their perks! Who said we are in a depression?

Whatever Lola wants Lola gets. Whatever Bernanke wants Bernanke gets.

If we all agree, we can "audit Bernanke", as Congressman "Audit Ron Paul" said. Yes, Mr. "Audit Paul" is right. Let’s "audit Bernanke" -- and let’s "audit" Congress, starting from the Congressman himself. Let’s also "audit" Obama’s mind that runs this whole puppetry.

Comment by Anthony Zufelt (31189)
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 The Government has reached a point where we are all now in tremendous economic preasure! We are too heavily taxed and inflation is simply to high! Ben Bernanke and everyone involved simply needs to wake up and admit that we have to now do something that none of them have been willing to take on ......... DOWNSIZE THE GOVERNMENT! Continue this conversation on this site, or find me on facebook!