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Glenn Beck's rally was a moving experience and it glorified Jesus Christ and took back our history. It may be God's instrument to bring revival to our nation.

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Comment by Nathan Barton
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While I think that the VARight's report is a wee bit over the top, I am rather angered by the first comment.  The man makes it clear he's never listened to Beck's show - I guess he is too fearful that he is so weak-minded that he might be brainwashed by Beck's talking, as reported by everyone else.  Perhaps the commenter should listen to Beck - either his show or the videos of this Restoring Honor rally, and make up his own mind instead of just parroting some hater's thoughts.  Not everything that Beck says is right, but not everything he says is "brain-dead" either.

Comment by david cheney
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I am really amused that Glenn Bunk would try to restore honor when he has no honor of his own.  He is nothing but a shill for the NWO as are Palin, Bachman, etc. 

He once referred to his fans as "a bunch of zombies".  I must agree.  Anyone who would listen to his blather must truly be brain-dead!

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