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Feds to drop deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants

• Arizona Republic
The Obama administration is moving to throw out deportation cases against thousands of illegal immigrants if the immigrants have a potential path to legal residency.

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Comment by Anthony Zufelt
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 The thing that concerns me about the immigration talks is that no one is asking the question, "why is the country that shares a border with the worlds largest consumer market in such a bad way".  What can be done to improve the economy of Mexico? Its hard to have hatred in your heart toward anyone seeking a better way of life. The Government should have less control in general, not more! You know that they will use the illegal immigrants thing to take every dime and liberty they can! Lets be careful about calling for thier action!

Comment by Anonymous
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 Yes, I agree there are still "sick mind" out there who think shooting down criminalized illegal aliens should be the "LAW". Yes, there is a "LAW" defining "ILLEGAL aliens". But that's immigration law -- not criminal law. Poor shot. Those "sick mind" believe "U.S. cannot possibly support the worlds population![sic]." U.S. does not support the world's population.  Where is it happening that it does ... here in the United States? Nada ... None of that is taking place... another perfect landing in the wrong airport! This run-away comment continues: "LAWFUL immigration is encouraged ..."  No, that's not what I said. What I said was in their 2004 Waterloo, mean-spirited Republican eggheads were attempting to close the door of immigration because as this sore comment wrongly imagined, "the U.S. can't possibly support the worlds population [sic]".  Lastly, this misplaced intervention says "UNLAWFUL immigration should be ENFORCED, not ignored ..." Does this sentence make any sense at all? It's so constipated coming out from a confused cabiza. Let's not just learn how to think straight but also how to say it right. But as everyone can see, this wayward comment indeed, comes from a very bad "Comucrat".


Comment by Dennis Andersen
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 You can't argue with a sick (few bricks shy of a full load) mind! They can't or refuse to recognize the definition of ILLEGAL aliens! It has been LAW for hundreds of years, the U.S. can't possibly support the worlds population! That's why there have BEEN laws made concerning immigration. LAWFUL immigration is encouraged, UNLAWFUL immigration should be ENFORCED not ignored as the Commucrats want and as Saddam Hussein Nobama did himself (Kenyan born illegitimate so-called president hell bent on bankrupting the country he despises)!

Comment by Anonymous
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This is Obama’s redeeming factor. This humane solution to the problem of how to treat illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants in the country could be Obama’s redeeming attribute when likeability as president is down to zero. It could be his only salvation from a 100% defeat if he runs for re-election.

Contrast this pathway to legalization of undocumented aliens in the country, to that of the radical Republican solution -- CRIMINALIZE all of them by law, so that as criminals they could be hauled to jail or to get rid of them faster, just shoot them dead as criminals, including their children. It doesn’t matter if they are Mexicans, Jamaicans or illegal blacks immigrants from Africa smuggled to America as a form of a lucrative underground business. Police will never run short of reasons to shoot criminals dead anyway. This kind of police brutality or murder clogged the dockets of our criminal courts.

Remember how the previous Republican Congress attempted to pass an immigration reform law "criminalizing" all illegal immigrants in the country, banning their children from going to school and deprive their dependents of medical services? Twisted Republicans cheered this move, as much as how Libertarian anti-Mexican-fence-jumper-haters in Arizona led by the Republican governor are now applauding almost the same approach. Well, that Republican platform sucked! It was not only mean-spirited but downright foolish. I was so embarrassed as a Republican because I hated to be looked down as one of those not only heartless but stupid nincompoops.

Since Obama’s opponent running for president then – Sen. John McCain – speechified in public that his statistics proved that there are approximately 450,000 of them all over the country, how are you going to arrest each one of them, where are you going to jail them and how much time and money are required to do that, nothing was said about this mean-spirited lunacy. What was so terrifying about it was that if you are in a government Gestapo-like list naming you as an undocumented immigrant, you are branded as a hunted criminal. Just being a Jew makes you a criminal in Hitler’s Holocaust.

Thus on immigration issue, McCain then representing this Republican outrage on illegal immigration [criminals] and hatred of immigration [stop people from coming to America] was viewed by millions of Americans as an American Hitler in their country. Obama’s shortcomings as president – and mind you this is extremely short – cannot be as worst compared to the Republicans’ steaming foolhardiness. McCain and the Republicans were even hardly aware what crushed them in the last presidential elections!

Comment by Channels Patrick Henry
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"...focus on alien criminals"?! What part of "illegal" is not getting through to these boneheads? I understand - there are some who have come to America illegally and committed crimes, and there are those who have come to America illegally, and there are those who came legally to America but remained illegally; the link between all three is "illegal"! If I was to walk through the American states with my rifle slung over my shoulder, on my way to the White House, how far would I get? I am enjoying the exercise of my right to liberty - a clearly stated unalienable right - as I walk along public roads; I am within my Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms (and a rifle slung over my shoulder hardly qualifies as a concealed weapon - come on!!); and still I would be accosted, reft of rifle and rights, and jailed. Meanwhile, people who break the law - in clear knowledge of the illegality of their acts, or through laziness on their part to see that they are in compliance (kind of like keeping one's Social Security) - are to be forgiven so that the Pretender of the United States can yank a vote out of them? NO! And HELL NO!!