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Vladimir Putin - Russian Superhero

• Terrence Aym
As Barack Obama runs America into the ground, Vladimir Putin continues to pull Russia from the ashes of the former Soviet Union. The two men’s styles and principles could not be farther apart. A leader like Putin is what America needs, not a warmed-over professor.

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Comment by Justen Robertson
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Please tell me this is a joke. Putin? Really? Why stop with a johnny-come-lately when we could dig a *real* old-school fascist dictator out of the ground somewhere instead?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Seriously?!!! Putin? That's our 'Upgrade' option?

Comment by Chip Saunders
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While Obama is certainly a fool of a President,...I am alarmed that there are people posting here who have such glowing things to say about the Hitleresque former KGB Colonel Putin. He is a snake and a murderer,...who happens to be smart enough to not become genocidal,...yet. 

Comment by Ross Wolf
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The Author forgot to mention Putin’s new hand-to-hand defense video that is selling well. Sadly we have Obama, the embarrassment, who forever will be remembered for bowing to our enemies, apologizing for America. It is apparent Putin is very intelligent, has the brains Americans can only dream about occupying the White House; smarter than Bush II, overshadowing Obama. It is unbelievable America during one of its worst economic periods in history got its worst President when it need someone with Putin’s strength. While Putin lifts Russia from its ashes, Obama is destroying America’s future economically, spiritually and militarily; Obama is killing our children’s future. The Obama government is heading the direction that collapsed the former USSR—creating huge bureaucracies, imploding numbers of unaffordable government employees.

Despite the horrific recession Federal and State employees, 53% unionized continue to receive unsustainable salaries, benefits; and large pensions that will bleed taxpayers for decades. Making matters worse, some unions appear intended via Obama to dump on taxpayers their obligation to pay members’ promised benefits. Apparently some unions think nothing of spending millions on campaigns. Taxpayers should demand independent deep audits of certain unions.

Government employee salaries and benefits need to be brought in line with the private sector—unaffordable pension packages need to be trimmed, especially with deficit spending out of control.  Many government employees are paid twice the amount of Americans working similar positions in the private sector.

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