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Are “Guaranteed Requirement Accounts” in Your Best Interest?

Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED For the purposes of this satirical piece, one will need the following definitions to assist in decoding the secret methods of stripping away the populations nest egg. SSA : Sorry Suckers All gone : Formerly known as Social Security Administration AARP : Another Association Ripping off People : Formerly known as American Association of Retired People GRA : Grab Retirement Assets : Guaranteed Retirement Accounts Introduced in the past have been Bills indicating that American Corporations are being irresponsible with their employees monetary investments (401K/IRA) and that the simple little American Folk need protecting from the big bad businesses. In order to do this, Administrations in the past have helped the under-informed idiots (us) by setting up programs that are designed to “help” us save for retirement. Seeing as the Federal Government has done such a fine job with the SSA program (never mind that for the firs

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