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Activists Travel the World by Ship to Spread the Message Statelessness.

• Mutual Aid on the High Seas
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About Us

Mission Statement

Mutual Aid on the High Seas (working title) is a conscious effort undertaken in order to spread both the principles and practicalities of societies built upon voluntary cooperation instead of authoritarian statism, and the liberating effects it has upon those who are most disadvantaged.  We would like to connect with those who share our values at our ports of call however this effort is decisively not to form yet another echo chamber, but a real forum to discuss and understand the issues which confront the world in the context of liberty. Our time on the high seas is highly symbolic and suggestive of political and personal freedom.  We will utilize this imagery to convey the beauty of a society based upon our principles to the average person and inspire them to at least investigate a consistent policy of individual freedom for their local impoverished communities, and hopefully to join us in its active worldwide implementation.

Our Strategy

Through teach-ins, lectures, speaking on the streets, and distributing literature, we aim to spread the ideals of a free society to impoverished places in the Caribbean, in addition to trading, volunteering & performing humanitarian aid, and creating large amounts of video content to encourage more libertarian outreach and aid to those who need freedom most for their own liberation.

We are still searching for our ideal humanitarian effort, but ideally it would be something that we could do in a short amount of time with a great impact, improving the lives of many.  We are considering proposals for clean water infrastructure and the distribution of eyeglasses.

We will also be actively discovering interested students to connect to the Institute for Humane Studies and Students For Liberty, which will aid in the long-term development of cultures of liberty in these areas.  In this same vein, individuals whom we discover of great potential will be connected to the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, which will help them to receive the foundational know-how to implement policies of freedom in their local societies.


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