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S.510: And congress moves against the people once again. Who will protect America from Congress and

The Money Trail Go here to find out how much each of our elected officials has been collecting from the lists of supporters of this bill. Then read the lists of supporters: it’s a who’s who of biotech, and big AG. If you can read these lists and still come away thinking this bill is about food safety, stop reading here; we can’t do anything else for you. If ever there was a reason to vote the bums and the bumettes out, surely the coming vote on S.510, The Assault on Domestic Agriculture euphemistically called a “Food Modernization Act”, would be that reason. A “yes” vote on this bill is a vote against the sovereignty of the United States and wholesale capitulation to unlawful trade and harmonization agreements including Codex Alimentarius. Nothing in this Act is intended to, or will, secure the food supply and make it safe. The safety of food will only be accomplished by keeping corporate federal agencies out of your state!

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