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A grim speech for a grim war

It was shocking how little awe there was.

President Obama announced Tuesday night “that the American combat mission in Iraq has ended” in a grim little speech from the Oval Office. He spoke for 18 minutes and managed to avoid asking - - let alone answering - - any essential questions about the war such as: Did it make America safer, and was it really worth it?

For almost the entire speech, Obama remained impassive. He was not awesome.

He was very clear when it came to praising the troops. “At every turn, America’s men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve,” he said, in a statement nobody would dispute.

But surely war should be about more than showing off the valor and prowess of our troops.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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It's not over till the fat lady sings and the fat lady ain't singing till all the oil is out of Iraq.

Comment by Anonymous
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     The author Roger Simon, a left-leaning journalist, was asking stupid questions. “But what did we win in Iraq? What did the enemy lose? Go down any Main Street in America, and find me 10 people who can answer that. Find me one.”


     Listen, Simon … you will find at least close to a million troops who have gone to combat in Iraq and countless millions of Americans who have been supporting them.  They will tell you what the enemy has lost and what we have won in Iraq.  You are a tiny minority who still thinks that the Iraq war is “illegal”. You treat the American public like a bunch of idiots that you can fool around anytime you want. Radicals like you who pout and punch in the name of journalism, should get educated in a boot camp.


     You asked what we found in Iraq… We found Saddam Hussein and his allies, you and the likes of you. Well, we hanged the bastard killer, and now you can go fly a kite. We also found the like of you – former Sen. Hilary Clinton and her kind -- who voted for the war in Iraq, and when the likes of you in the Media made the war unpopular, turncoat Clinton publicly declared the war was “illegal”. If Saddam Hussein was not a threat to our national security as you claim, Congress has had all the time to find that out and disapprove the invasion of Iraq.  But Congress voted for it – and how in the light of me would nincompoops like you claim the war was unlawful or “illegal”?





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