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Today on - Weds. September 1st 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Coming: Great Depression 2
Gary North on Bernanke, the banks, and you.
A podcast with Mustafa Akyol on the religion founded by a businessman.
The Final Crisis Is in the Works
The Fed will print and print and print until they wipe out the entire system, says Marc Faber.
Stop the Printing Presses!
The US must take on austerity measures, and let the economy recover, says Jim Rogers.
Your Children Are Just Test Animals
In the unspeakable mazes of the public schools. Article by John Taylor Gatto.
Show Me the Gold
Ron Paul to the Fed and Ft. Knox. Article by Josh Lipton.
The Economic Dice Are Loaded
Jim Quinn on who’s being rolled.
Drunk Baboons
They are wreaking havoc on Cape Town’s exclusive suburbs.
JFK Took the Bull by the Horns
Rand Clifford on the power elite, conspiracies, and control of history.
Elitism? Or Just Plain Arrogance?
Bob Shoup on the minds, methods, and coming irrelevance of the ruling class.
College Gets an F
For many young people, we need the trades instead, says Camille Paglia.
Is Big Pharma Making You Fat?
More bad effects from medications for common aliments. Article by Tanith Carey.

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