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Iraq to buy over 13 billion in US military equipment

• northsunm

There will be huge order of tanks, ships, and hardware. U.S. officials say this shows that Iraqi-U.S. military ties will be close for years to come. The officials might add that the relations between Iraq and the U.S. military industrial complex will be tight for years to come. However, it is quite possible that if a new Iraqi government ever gets up and running they may decide to diversify their source of supply. One wonders what the priorities for reconstruction are given that even a large city such as Baghdad has at best an intermittent power supply. No doubt this sale is part of the new page in U.S. Iraq relationships.

"It helps to build their capabilities, first and foremost; and second, it builds our strategic relationship for the future," said Army Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, the ranking U.S. officer responsible for training and advising Iraq forces.

Military sales, which often include lengthy maintenance and training contracts, are part of U.S. efforts to maintain a relationship with Iraq. These sales will rank Iraq one of the biggest customers for U.S. military arms and equipment. The Iraqi air force has to be built from the ground up but is not part of the 13 billion dollar purchase

The Iraqis have requested 18 F-16 Falcon fighter jets as part of a further $3 billion program that also includes aircraft training and maintenance. If approved by Congress, the first aircraft could arrive in spring 2013. Under the plan, the first 10 pilots would be trained in the U.S.


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Comment by Olde Reb
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 If you are a U.S. taxpayer, get ready to pay the bill.

Comment by Lola Flores
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Oh, lord.  I don't know whether I sure laugh or cry here.  They illegally invade those poor people, bomb them back into the Stone Age, steal their oil and massacre over 1.3 million of their innocent civilians and now they're making them buy 13 billion worth of Amerikan junk.  The MIC always makes money, don't they?  In the meantime, the poor Iraqis have no electricity, no infrastructure, no water, no homes and, yes, no healthcare either because as part of the "democracy" that was exported to them at the point of a nuke, their universal healthcare (the best in the Arab world) was also destroy.  Way to go Amerikans, if you die a thousand times over in the most horrible and inhumane of ways, you wouldn't pay for what you've done to that country!




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