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Seattle Kops execute man in public for whittling

Thank goodness the public is safe! Imagine what could have happened if he were allowed to continue whittling! Horrors!

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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This cop just wanted to Kill somebody....I would have shot the man in a leg,and then took the knife away from him..but no! These brain dead cops must be told what to do,and their was nobody there to tell him so he just Killed the man..tho shalt no kill,unless your a say`s God.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Wow, it gets worse everyday. Cops shooting or Tasering anything that moves.

Man,woman,child,dog nothing is safe from the legalized government gansters.

One day soon people will not stand for this sh-t and it will be the cops on the run.

Bunch of thugs with badges most of them, only a few good ones left.

Interesting that they shoot someone and get a paid vacation.