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Blackwater Won Contracts Through a Web of Companies

• NY Times
Blackwater Worldwide created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq, according to Congressional investigators and former Blackwater officials.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Historically, Mercenary Armies have been documented turning on their nation. Julius Caesar said, keep your army fighting abroad so that they won’t turn inward on their nation.

Black Water mercenary entities are paid extremely well by U.S. Government to provide security in Afghanistan and other countries. It is foreseeable U.S. mercenary companies might attempt after the U.S. withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan, to secure contracts from the Obama Government to provide security in U.S. Cities? Thousands of U.S. mercenaries may be out of work after the U.S. completes it troop withdraws from Afghanistan and Iraq. If the Recession worsens there could be riots in major U.S. Cities. Obama might hire private mercenaries to work independently and or with police. There appears to be nothing to stop U.S. Government deploying “American Citizens that are mercenaries” on U.S. soil. Mercenaries might assist  a “National Police Stabilization Force” allegedly suggested in a NGO Rand Corporation Report recently provided the U.S. Army. Apparently that Report suggested a “National Police Stabilization Force” that would appear controlled by the Feds and might include in its ranks federal, local and state law enforcement. What would happen to State Rights and what Laws and Jurisdiction would be used to prosecute state Citizens arrested by a National Police Stabilization Force? A National Police Force could potentially be sent by Obama into any State without the approval of its governor, against the wishes of its Citizens? To clarify the Rand Corporation report visit:

U.S. mercenary/private security companies now work with U.S. law enforcement agencies in America under federal quasi-government contracts sharing information, locate for arrest individuals and share with government assets they cause to be forfeited from U.S. Citizens. In retrospect, Hitler created the Gestapo a secret “Private police organization that worked closely with German police to arrest and eliminate anyone that disagreed with the Nazi Government and to seize huge amounts of property from German Citizens.

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