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Psyops: Is Barack Obama a CIA Trained Manchurian Candidate?

The nexus of Obama’s almae matres: Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, as well as that of his parents, the University of Hawaii, in the CIA’s mind control, behavioral modification, and mass hypnosis projects is deeply troubling. The fact that Obama has failed to provide a full accounting of his past academic and professional employment history, coupled with the presence of a major CIA presence within his and his parents’, grandparents’, and step-father’s backgrounds opens up the real possibility that Obama was, to use the CIA’s own term, “nurtured,” for a higher calling. Obama told the nation that his would be the most open and transparent in recent recent history. However, Obama’s biography and those of his parents and guardians are full of more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. It is well past time for the President to make good on that promise and fully release his past academic, passport, employment, and overseas travel records. After eight brutal years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the nation was ready for any change. Unfortunately, the CIA, through LOOKING GLASS, MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE, PANDORA, and other behavioral science programs were ready to answer the call. The CIA answered the call with Obama and most of us bought him and his “Hope and Change” propaganda fecundity “nurtured” by CIA programs going back some sixty years.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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If there are those in the CIA and other quarters that want a coup to take over U.S. Government, Obama would be the right agent or asset whether Obama knows it or not. Not since the  American Revolution have Americans been so angry with their government, thanks to Obama. It is becoming common  to hear Americans in public places openly talk about state secession and revolution. I overheard someone say recently, "I lost everything in this economy, can it get any worse if there is a revolution?"

Yes it can get worse it even worse people take over government.

Comment by Olde Reb
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an extensive compilation of alleged CIA activities can be found with a search engine and     CIA, ROGUE AGENCY RUN AMUCK. 

Comment by TL Winslow
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The best  place to scope Obama's shady past and master all the key facts is still the Historyscoper's free Obamascope at

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