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Colleges Pimping Our Children to the Credit Card Companies

Let me guess: This was not disclosed prominently to the students either, right? Can someone explain to me why any student would go to such a college? Can someone explain to me why any parent would provide any sort of financial or other assistance to their child to attend a school that developed a program whereby the more their kid gets SCREWED by credit card interest THE MORE THE MONEY THE COLLEGE MAKES? Time to boycott folks. And let me tell you, dear parents, where it starts: With the FAFSA. Say no. Legal adults are adults. Stop fueling this monster that is interested in literally consuming your offspring in every way possible on a financial basis. College "inflation" has made it ridiculously expensive to go to school, making it essentially impossible to work your way through school as a means of trapping your kid into non-dischargable "student-loan" debt that they cannot get rid of in a bankruptcy, even if the "promised land" of a good job on graduation turns out to be just more college "counselor" puffery. Especially when for 2009 graduates the percentage who had a job on graduation was just ONE IN FIVE. Now we find out that colleges have been silently exploiting kids through kickbacks on interest charges those kids pay on credit cards, which are incidentally marketed to them through "sweetheart" deals with the consent and active participation of the schools? No, the SUNY "deal" is not sufficient. It is time to say more than "NO" America. It is time to say this:

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