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The world is being enrolled into a single global system of identification and financial control. One’s body is now directly linked to the control of financial transactions through biometric ID, an international ID system that uses computers to automatically identify individuals based on unique physical characteristics, such as a facial image. Facial recognition and digital fingerprinting are common forms of biometrics. Almost all states and nations now use biometrics to identify their residents.

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I try to keep my verbal ID clear in my mind. Then I express it clearly whenever necessary. I express it in the form of a verbal Declaration rather than an Affidavit, except when an Affidavit is necessary (which is extremely seldom). I try not to use Affidavits. I have a written back-up copy of my verbal Declaration somewhere accessible, not always on my person, to show that I know what I am talking about, in the event I get pressed about it.

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