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9/11 Irrelevant – Obama Defends ‘Inalienable’ Right to Build Mosque Near Ground Zero

President Obama, this is an open letter to you. I have to say that in my wholehearted opinion you are an insensitive lout. To come right out and defend what, to me and most of your fellow countrymen – the people you swear to protect and care for feel is indefensible and that is the LOCATION of the mosque the day before the anniversary of 3000+ of our fellow Americans dying – you should be ashamed. Of course they have the right to build there under the freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution. BUT There are some things that need to be taken into account, sir. And if you have already thought about these and are occupying this position, I don’t see how you can classify yourself as a good, decent, honorable human or American.

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