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Cabbagegate” In Georgia – Punished for Productive Produce Practices.

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Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED County Sues Farmer, Cites Too Many Crops Yes – the headline is correct – since 2008 Mr. Miller has been – well – too productive for the local Government. DeKalb County is suing a local farmer for growing too many vegetables, but he said he will fight the charges in the ongoing battle neighbors call “Cabbagegate.”Fig trees, broccoli and cabbages are among the many greens that line the soil on Steve Miller’s more than two acres in Clarkston, who said he has spent fifteen years growing crops to give away and sell at local farmers markets.

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Outrageous!  The alarms over food shortages, the need for wholesome organic foods, starvation, etc, and the government chooses to punish a man for having a productive little truck farm. And in a "Green" county.

Have you noticed that amid all the hype about over-population and food shortages, government has disposed of grain reserves, taken hundreds of thousands of acres out of production, imposed regulations and taxes that bankrupt independent farmers and ranchers, promotes and protecst huge corporate schemes for GMO crops of dubious or proven malignant quality?

Government punishes initiative and personal cooperation such as Mr. Miller was doing in supplying fresh produce to soup kitchens and the farmers market.

Government encourages starvation. Desperate people are easier to manipulate. Henry Kissinger advocated "weaponizing food" to control people. His plan is being implemented. Just look around... and plant a garden! 

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