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Corruption on U.S. Side of the Border Is Rising

Hiring standards for border enforcement jobs have been on the decline as government officials rush to fill thousands of openings at a time when Mexican smugglers and drug traffickers are increasingly looking to recruit well-placed operatives to ease their operations. Cartels are now "employing Cold War-era spy tactics to recruit and corrupt U.S. officials," reports the Washington Post, which tells the story of Martha Garnica, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after helping Mexican criminals for years as an example of the growing problem. A mere 15 percent of Customs and Border Protection applicants undergo polygraph tests and, of those, 60 percent were rejected because they failed the test or weren't qualified. Meanwhile, the number of corruption investigations within the agency continues to climb. Mexican officials have long insisted that U.S. politicians love to criticize the corruption in their country while ignoring the growing problems on the U.S. side of the border. 

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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It has been reported numerous times that 50% of Drug Cartel illegal-drug proceeds resulting in the U.S., go to payoff corrupt police, government officials and politicians among others. That is a lot of bribery. Perhaps all police should be required each year to submit to federal government financial disclosure of their annual spending and assets. Current law enforcement and government corruption now make alcohol prohibition look like kid’s play.

If drugs were legalized, it is foreseeable Cartels might next—smuggle weapons of mass destruction into the U.S. for terrorists. That is something to think about.

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