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The Grand Cover-Up: Space, Aliens and NASA in Depth

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Just six miles of atmosphere separates mankind from outer-space. In fact, a rocket can travel from the surface of our planet to space in just five minutes. In space, everything is different. With no atmosphere, the human eye can literally see for hundreds of miles. Space is not an empty vacuum, 99% of all matter exists in space, it's invisible and is called dark matter. The space around planet earth is full of invisible radio waves, the signals from our television, radio and telephone networks travel extremely fast in space. Every month planet earth sends out over one trillion individual radio broadcasts, which the reach the planet saturn within 11 days (Publisher: 11 Days? - 1.3 hours for light to travel from the Sun to Saturn - Radio waves travel at speed of light) of leaving the surface of planet earth. For the last 30 years, mankind has been sending small probes into space. The oldest of these probes (voyager I, voyager II, an the pioneer probes) were launched 30 years ago and have now left the solar system. The pioneer and voyager probes are fitted with a gold plaque which contains a map of

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