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Taxes must rise to fight budget deficit: Greenspan

• Reuters

Taxes must rise while fiscal stimulus needs to be wound down in order to reduce the U.S. budget deficit and allow private investment to expand, said former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan on Wednesday.

"I am in favor for the first time in my memory of raising taxes," Greenspan told an audience at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York

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 And we are seeing the progression of a free, Sovereign citizenry become indentured servants/slaves to a perpetual debt foisted upon the people via Congress by a fraudulent representation that the national debt can somehow be paid off. The Republic has been reduced to a feudal enslavement.

Liberty, which includes the pursuit of a livelihood, is deemed the property of government and is subject to confiscation under threat of incarceration. Such Constitutional Rights are not tolerable objects for taxation.

Oppressive governments have never relinquished control lightly. The Tea Party is but the ground swell of public protestation.

Who is it that said "Give me Liberty or give me death." ?

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