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Does the Arizona Legislation Accomplish Anything?

This article will detail why SB1070 threatens the liberty of all citizens.  SB1070 is the symptom of a disease threatening all citizens.  The federal government has and is failing on several fronts including dealing with illegal immigration.  The states and specifically the state of Arizona is the victim of a knee jerk reaction to the federal government’s failures.  This article will put SB1070 in the context of what the federal government wants which is any and all information about each citizen.  In this article you will read about an alternative solution to SB1070 and federal laws including the Real ID Act 2005.  Keep in mind that information is power and currently only the federal government is collecting information.  The information the federal government is collecting is your information and it is being shared with international law enforcement agencies and foreign governments at the discretion of the federal government.

Many people will agree that our country must deal with the problem of illegal immigration.  The Constitutional Alliance is an educational entity.

The purpose of SB1070 is to identify people in our country, specifically Arizona, illegally and insure those people are sent back to their country of origin.


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Comment by Christopher Broughton
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There is nothing unethical or immoral about immigrating to another country. If a foreign national finds an employer that wants to hire him or her, a landlord that wants to rent to him or her, a homeowner that wants to sell to him or her, etc... as far as I'm concerned they have just as much of a right to be here as anybody else does. If you think you have the right to use the filthy, bloody, weapon of politics to attack immigrants/business/citizens simply because they want to peacefully interact with each other without your little mark of the beast, YOU ARE SCUM. Don't take this personally, I was in the same boat with you at one point, then I thought and matured a little and eliminated this fascist philosophy from my mind.

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