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Why We Are Moving To Montana

By now, readers of this column should be aware of the decision my family and I made to leave the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, and move to the majestic Rocky Mountains: the Flathead Valley of Montana, to be specific. Mind you, Pensacola, Florida, has been my wife’s and my home for 35 years. It is the place where each of our children was born and raised, and still resides today. Rest assured, each of my family is aware of the cold weather climate to which we are headed. We are also very cognizant of the extremely difficult economic circumstances that exist. The truth is, if we were basing this move on things such as “practicality,” or “job opportunity,” or “a place to retire,” we would either 1) stay where we are, or 2) move somewhere else (someplace warmer), because this move, in many ways, is impractical, financially challenging, and could bring personal discomfort to all of us during those harsh Montana winters. The fact is, none of that has any bearing on our decision to move.

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Comment by Donna Hancock
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 Best wishes to you and your family.

Comment by dan healey
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NOTE OF WARNING: to all folks moving to montana.

FIRST lock your doors and windows here or you'll be robbed by LOCAL white trash.

SECOND the flathead country sheriff office is over worked and under paid and has a bad attitude. DEPEND on them for nothing. USELESS comes to mind!

THIRD meth alcohol marijuana abuse is rampent here... ie  alot of DRUNK DRIVING, an break-in's here to support the LOCAL druggy habits. BUY A SAFE! AND install it in concrete. THERE are active LOCAL robbery crews here in the valley. STAY away from the WEST GLACIER area. CRIME RIDDEN WHITE TRASH!

FOURTH if you have kids, talk to them of the LOCAL BULLIES... there is a lot of hazing bullying here by the local kids AT THE SCHOOLS and even some of the red neck adults ENCOURAGE IT AND PARTICIPATE IN IT. THERE IS AN UNDERLAYING ELIMENT OF ANGER HERE AMONGST LOCALS WHO CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO LIVE HERE IN THE VALLEY OR SURVIVE HERE... they take it out on the new folks and their kids coming into the valley/ town.

FIFTH lock your car people... or it will be stolen or robbed here.

SIXTH buy a gun , get security camera's and the meanest dog at the pound... the locals here like to do home invasions.

THIS IS ALL TRUE and buyer beware moving to FLATHEAD VALLEY MONTANA!   

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